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Jennifer Angus (aka “The Insect Lady”) Exhibition April 4, 2010

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Now that I’m in Ottawa 7 days a week I finally have some time to explore my new city.  Last week’s expeditions included a visit to the Ottawa Art Gallery, to see an exhibit by Canadian artist, Jennifer Angus.  Angus’ exhibit at first glance, appears to be intricate wallpaper patterns.  Looking more closely, once can see the patterns are composed of thousands of carefully positioned insects from South East Asia.  According to Fiberarts Magazine, “a common theme runs through this work: the interplay of the feelings of comfort experienced when viewing familiar patterns and the realization on closer inspection that the comforting familiar is actually made up of insects, something most people feel apprehension for”.  Certainly these huge critters would horrify me if I were to meet one in my washroom, however,  once petrified and firmly pinned to the wall, they are remarkably beautiful.  The Heteropteryx dilatata (below) reminded me of a mystical fairy.  We also really enjoyed the beetle miniatures which depicted insects carrying out typical human activities such as of beatles at the barbershop and  playing poker.


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