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More Mumsey than Sex in the City April 15, 2010

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With my tresses started to become quite unruly it was time to find an Ottawa hairdresser.   I booked an appointment with Boss Arts on Laurier Ave West.  They were recommended to me by a friend and what made them particularly appealing is that they offered a consultation and cut geared specifically to people with curly hair.  My hair is more frizzy and wavy than curly, but I thought I’d give it a go.

Ready for a change, I gave the stylist free reign.  After considering my face shape, what I like about my hair at the moment and what I want to change, she suggested going for a Sarah Jessica Parker / Sex in the City curly bob.

I came out with a shorter mane, and hair that is much, much more curly than I thought possible.  But…  well…   I think I need three kids, a minivan and a cardigan with food remnants stuck to it to really pull this look off (none of which I hope to have in the very near future).   Despite this, I am a huge fan of the stylist, who definitely knew what she was doing and took the time to really explain to me how to take care of the style and will be going back to Boss Arts once this cut grows out a bit.

This is the look I think we were meant to be going for

My Result


An Easter Memory April 8, 2010

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The recent Easter holiday reminded me of one of my childhood experiences.  It has nothing to do with settling into Ottawa, but I thought I’d share it just the same.

My parents have a cottage on Caribou Island, Nova Scotia .  It is a secluded spot with a thick forest, and there are only a few cottages within the ½ km strip.

Mom and Dad’s cottage is at the beginning of this strip and my aunt and uncle have a cottage at the end of the strip.  It is a safe area and even when I was very young, neither my parents nor I had any concerns about me walking down the wooded path on my own to visit my Aunt Bev and Uncle Rick.  One summer day when I was seven I was doing just that.  It was a sunny day, birds were singing, and it was great to be off on my own without a care in the world!

I skipped away from the cottage and rounded a bend in the path that marked the halfway point between my parent’s cottage and my aunt and uncle’s.  I was in for a shock.

Right in the middle of the path was a gruesome sight – a severed leg, cut right at the hip.  (Thankfully no other body parts were in sight).  I stood frozen in frightened disbelief. Before I go any further, I should mention this was a rabbit leg, and not a human leg, but when you are eight and still believe in the Easter Bunny a rabbit leg is just as horrifying.  Terrified by the sight of the leg and the thought of who or what could have possibly done this, I bolted screaming and crying all the way back to my parents.

I wasn’t met with the sympathetic and comforting ear I expected.  After a short discussion mom and dad firmly said that I had to go back.  I begged them not to make me go or for them at least to come with me, but they insisted that I had to confront my fears – on my own.  I made such a scene that I was sent to my room and told to stay there until I was ready to go back.  Of course, that didn’t last long.  My plan was to walk a little way down the path and then just wait there for long enough that mom and dad would think that I had already gone to my aunt’s and come back without ever walking by the leg.  However, mom was wise enough to call my aunt and tell her to expect me.  There was no escape.

Walking down the path for the second time, I approached the place where I saw the leg and grew more and more nervous.  I considered whether I should cut through the woods to avoid it completely, or run by with my eyes closed.  But then I saw something was different.  The leg was still there, just as it had been before, but on the left side of it was a napkin, with a fork neatly laid on top, and a knife on the right.

What I learned from this is the effect a situation has on you depends on how you view it. Through humour my parents were able to turn a scary situation into something funny.  In changing my perception, they were able to prevent the memory of leg from holding me hostage from doing the things I loved most of the cottage – the freedom to walk the woods on my own and of course, visit my aunt and uncle.

Thanks mom and dad!


Jennifer Angus (aka “The Insect Lady”) Exhibition April 4, 2010

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Now that I’m in Ottawa 7 days a week I finally have some time to explore my new city.  Last week’s expeditions included a visit to the Ottawa Art Gallery, to see an exhibit by Canadian artist, Jennifer Angus.  Angus’ exhibit at first glance, appears to be intricate wallpaper patterns.  Looking more closely, once can see the patterns are composed of thousands of carefully positioned insects from South East Asia.  According to Fiberarts Magazine, “a common theme runs through this work: the interplay of the feelings of comfort experienced when viewing familiar patterns and the realization on closer inspection that the comforting familiar is actually made up of insects, something most people feel apprehension for”.  Certainly these huge critters would horrify me if I were to meet one in my washroom, however,  once petrified and firmly pinned to the wall, they are remarkably beautiful.  The Heteropteryx dilatata (below) reminded me of a mystical fairy.  We also really enjoyed the beetle miniatures which depicted insects carrying out typical human activities such as of beatles at the barbershop and  playing poker.