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Making Ottawa Home December 20, 2009

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Definition of home according to the dictionary application on my iPhone:

  1. (adv) at or to or in the direction of one’s home or family
  2. (adv) to the fullest extent
  3. (adv) on or to the point aimed at
  4. (adj) relating to or being where one lives or where one’s roots are
  5. (noun) housing that someone is living in
  6. (noun) an institution where people are cared for
  7. (noun)  base consisting of a rubber slab where the batter stands
  8. (noun) a social unit living together
  9. (noun) the country of state or city where you live
  10. (noun) the place where you are station and from which missions start and end
  11. (noun) where you live at a particular time
  12. (noun) place where something begin and flourished
  13. (noun) an environment offering affection and security
  14. (verb) return home accurately from a long distance
  15. (verb) provide with, or send to, a home

Definition of home according to me: a place where I am a regular at least one coffee shop, I have at least 2 close friends, and a gang of others, I’ve found a hairdresser that can chop my unruly curls at a decent price, a bookstore with character, a shop I can never walk into without at least one purchase, and a selection of restaurants where I am happy to chow down any night of the week, I’m contributing to the good of my community, I no longer need a GPS to get around, and I’ve uncovered a few local secrets.
Mission: to make my experience of Ottawa match definition #16 above

About me: 30 yrs, female, red hair, has lived in Nova Scotia, England, Ontario (Toronto prior to Ottawa), has visited 25  countries, loves ice cream, wants a dog, corporate professional, moved to Ottawa in December 2009.